Paratus: (latin n) prepared, purposed, resolved.

We prepare our clients for success.

There are project managers or owner’s representatives; and then there are program managers, contract managers, and construction advisors.  We provide it all and call it all Project Direction. 

Over the past two decades, Paratus Group has gained extensive experience providing Project Direction services for major cultural institutions. In the process, we have earned a strong reputation for successfully guiding these institutions through increasingly complex building projects. Our in-depth understanding of the goals and concerns not just of the owners but also the architects and the builders, allows our clients to develop talented teams who can create the best and most successful building. 

We make buildings that work.

A successful structure is far more than a feat of engineering. While public buildings are designed by architects, they are shaped by countless factors and processes. Paratus Group manages the complex interplay of multiple participants—both local and global—with institutional dynamics, budget constraints, project goals, programming needs, and timelines to ensure that the influences framing each project are desired and intentional. From geotechnical to graphics, acoustics to attorneys, and traffic to technology, we oversee all types of consultants, partnering with our client to customize a workflow that will guide the team through planning, design, and construction. By effectively managing all phases of the process, we ensure that each building stays on budget and on schedule, is programmatically successful, and achieves the highest level of design.