Grace Farms

Grace Farms is a place that encompasses nature, community, social justice, and faith. How can a site and a building on that site possibly convey such a broad, complex mission? The turning point in this whole process was early on, when Paratus helped the owner focus their program on those four primary inspirations. Thereafter, those words directed every step of the design and construction.

With this simple mandate, we brought together the owners, the architecture studio of SANAA, and the builders to ensure that all sides adhered to this mission. As we worked though design and construction, it was clear that the intensive early conversations and the consistency they provided allowed everyone to work in unison to reach the stated goals.

At Grace Farms, changing even a small detail—such as addressing a gap in the curving roof of the main building known as the River—had huge ramifications. Every change required much discussion between the owner, the architects, builders, and fabricators. But ultimately, it was the clarity of the direction that made those final decisions possible.


Architect:  SANAA

Location:  New Canaan, CT

Gross Square Footage:  76,829

Completion Date:  2015